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How to Properly Interpret Scripture

In this article, I'm going to address a question crucial to our dealing with any aspect of Christian doctrine: how do we correctly interpret what the Bible is actually saying to us? What I'm about to share is how I examine the Scriptures when I am seeking what God has to say as I write.…

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The Crucial Process of Forgiveness

Introduction A few years ago, my high school class from San Leandro High School in San Leandro, California celebrated its 40th reunion. When I heard about it, I planned to go until the Lord convicted me that I was attending with the wrong motives. So in obedience, I chose to stay home and instead bear…

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BUILD FAITH INSTEAD! New to lcuonline?  Click here to apply! If you're already studying at an LCU Campus and want to study online, call LCU during business hours (Monday - Thursday 10am to 6pm EST @ 813-909-9720) TH-112 Authority of the Believer Add authority to your faith to get the results God has promised you!…

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A Semi-Scholarly Analysis of the Book of Job

Anytime you start proclaiming to fellow believers of other doctrinal persuasions that God is a good God and doesn't go around inflicting disaster, death, and destruction upon His children to "teach them something," almost always the first objection you will encounter is this challenge: "Well, what about Job?" This challenge is waved as if a…

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