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TH-112 Authority of the Believer

Add authority to your faith to get the results God has promised you! The devil will do everything he can to keep Christians from learning the truth about authority. He knows that when we learn the truth, we will dominate him, enjoying the position and the promises that are rightfully ours. Every believer needs to take this course!



TH-404 Spiritual Armor & Warfare

Receive superhuman power for a superhuman task – clothe yourself with the whole armor of God. Gain insights into demonic strategies that war against your soul. Learn to use every piece of the mighty spiritual weaponry God has given you. Develop a working understanding of biblical spiritual warfare so that when battles come, you can enforce the victory Jesus won for us.

Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might, that you may be able to stand against the coronavirus!


TH-307 Throne Room Realities

Using word-by-word expansions of New Testament passages to reveal the depth of expression in the original Greek words, this course is all about who we are in the spiritual realm - what you could call “throne room realities.” Deeply perceive how Jesus is the mirror image of God revealed and redeemed in us. He came to earth to reveal mankind’s original design and to redeem and restore everything Adam lost.



BI-420 Book of Hebrews

The Book of Hebrews brilliantly proves that Jesus was with God in the beginning, in the end, and everywhere in between. He is not just a fable, passed from generation to generation. He is the fullness of God’s Word, come in the flesh to redeem man back to God, and create on earth a new breed of man like this world has never seen.


What our students are saying…

God graciously allows me to learn His Word in such great magnitude

I have accomplished more than I would ever imagine! If you had told me in 1990 that by 2017 I would be studying to receive my doctorate degree, I would have probably said, "I don't think so!"

I find that my ability to speak to God's people has increased over the last 5 years and I believe my best testimony is that lives that are being set free and changed because of the gift God put in my life to share His Word that I have learned at LCU.

God graciously allows me to learn His Word in such great magnitude it is just so amazing. I have been so wonderfully blessed. And I know that greater things are yet to come.

Pastor T. S., Lakeland, FL

Using the authority of the believer

My mother suddenly suffered a seizure and collapsed. She was diagnosed with a large brain tumor. I laid hands on her and prayed. I then went about comforting my father who was understandably beside himself. He quietly said, “We’re going to go down fighting.”

I replied, “Dad, we're not going down.” In that moment, this man who had so viciously rejected my Christian beliefs over the years latched onto my faith and was encouraged.

In the rehab hospital, my mother’s recovery moved at a phenomenal pace. Instead of two weeks of "acute rehab," she was discharged to go home in three days!

The icing on the cake: my father received the Lord the night before my mother went in for surgery!!! The principles I learned in the “Authority of the Believer” course adjusted my mindset towards life in Christ. I've needed a deeper understanding of the fact that I could appropriate and truly walk out God's authority in the earth. Thank you so much for making the course available!

– Student testimony from our Miami, FL, campus

Jesus came to my rescue!

The devil tried to kill me recently in the hospital. My body was not responding to treatment. The doctors did all they could, but I could tell my body was dying. I was so weak I could not lift my head up off the bed. That night, I called out to Jesus — and I would not give up calling Him, using a promise from the Word of God. "I know You promised never to leave me or forsake me, but, Jesus, where are You? I've been praying and I haven't heard from You. Jesus, I need You!"

I called out for about ten minutes. Then I said, "Jesus, whether I live or die, my life is in Your hands." A little later, a vision of Jesus' face appeared right before me, drawn in white light. He was riding on a horse, also drawn in white light. Jesus came to my rescue! He fought the battle for me! I am a living testimony!

I have realized that the more you study the Word of God, the better equipped you are to face the trials and hardships of this life. The Word of God can be used against the enemy (the devil) and his associates and they will have to leave.
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