"We are consistently using what we learned in the LCU/Max CEO Program in our office team meetings. The open discussion is so important. We are iron sharpening iron: we are learning from each other."

"I have been to leadership programs which were mostly informational. This one has practical applications.

"This is so important!

"You see it displayed. You get to apply it. I’ve learned the vision is not necessarily worked through the visionary. Improving anything needs to start with those who are doing the work, laboring there every day.

"As I listen to the team, I get new perspectives."

"The concept was great. The exercises were so practical. I learned some things that were really enlightening as we listened, reflected on, wrote, and talked about this material. Everything shifted since I started this program. It has been a tremendous blessing!"

I started LCU because I knew there was a call on my life and I needed to begin preparation. That was all I knew, however, during my time at LCU, I discovered my God-given passion. I began teaching at the women's prison campus as well as the Brooksville campus and I love it.

The program is accelerated because of the way the classes are lined up — the students learn precept upon precept — line upon line.

I love LCU and am so thrilled to be part of planting these solid truths into the hearts and minds of the men and women of God.

Dr. B. S., Weeki Wachee, FL

I began taking LCU classes because I wanted to study the Word more deeply. I never realized I was being set-up by God to minister in a totally new way! The first time I stood behind a pulpit to minister, I knew it was what I was created to do.

Now, I serve several days a week in my local church and minister when needed. I am also our LCU Campus director and a faculty member.

LCU opened the door for me to walk in the path God had planned for me all along.

L. T., Deatsville, AL

LCU has given me a better understanding of God's Word and my relationship with the Lord. It also helped me to learn more about the gifts that God has given me and how to use them in my church and with my friends and family.

G. L., Raleigh, NC

Since graduation with my Doctor of Ministry degree in 2014, I have become the Senior Pastor of Cosmopolitan Community Church, which is a 94-year-old, non-denominational, historic church located in Chicago, Illinois. There were over 80 candidates involved in this process, but, thanks to God and my LCU education, I was able to begin my assignment in 2016.

I started out as an associate minister at a local church, and after completing 6 years at LCU, I now pastor and preach each week in one of the most beautiful sanctuaries in the city of Chicago.

E. C., Chicago, IL

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LCU helped make me a better Bible teacher and preacher. I learned a lot as I studied and prepared for the classes I taught as an LCU instructor. When I taught at Christ for the Nations, my doctorate from LCU was a huge benefit. As I travel the world and equip leaders, my doctorate continues to open doors. Thank you for your faithfulness.

T. S., Sulphur Springs, TX

I have accomplished more than I would ever imagine! If you had told me in 1990 that by 2017 I would be studying to receive my doctorate degree, I would have probably said, "I don't think so!"

I find that my ability to speak to God's people has increased over the last 5 years and I believe my best testimony is that lives that are being set free and changed because of the gift God put in my life to share His Word that I have learned at LCU.

God graciously allows me to learn His Word in such great magnitude it is just so amazing. I have been so wonderfully blessed. And I know that greater things are yet to come.

Pastor T. S., Lakeland, FL

The "Methods of Bible Study" course totally changed my life. The Lord gave me so much revelation during that course. Never had anything happen like that before. It completely changed the way I read and study my Bible. Completely!

What is exciting is that the revelation never stopped and continues today.

Amazing! Praise God!

D. S., Hagerstown, MD

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