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Introducing the LCU/Max CEO™ Program!

"Growth without change is impossible." — Dr. Dean Radtke

A Proven System

Learn from one who maximizes businesses into top-performing Fortune 500 corporations & ministries into mega-ministries!

"The system my friend Dean Radtke brought to me and my ministry has expanded my vision, and we have grown over 50% in just a little over two years — from a 40-million-dollar ministry to 63 million!… This system allows me to manage 650 people with less effort than when I was managing 20-some people before."
— Dr. Andrew Wommack, Gospel Truth Ministries & Charis Bible College

Achievable, Practical, and Workable

You and your team will gain the practical skills you need to experience exponential growth!

  • Step-by-step, easy-to-understand training and demonstrations
  • Application activities will jump-start your team’s unity and creativity
  • Experience sharing the leadership load with your team

You can do this!

  • Regain your quality of life.
  • Revolutionize your church, ministry, or business.
  • Be the leader God intended!

Life Christian University's Partnership with Maximum CEO™

Our partnership with Dr. Radtke has resulted in the development of the LCU/Max CEO™ Program, the first program offered through our new College of Leadership & Growth.

For over 24 years, Dr. Dean Radtke has presented the dynamic 3-day Maximum CEO™ Seminar across the nation and around the world. Churches have flourished and ministries have grown as pastors and leaders have put these vital principles to work.

LCU has been able to enhance this powerful, scriptural system in several ways:

  • Because of the time flexibility offered through online learning, pastors and leaders can now study at their own pace.
  • To help pastors and leaders implement the system and train their executive teams, we have added course “Application” assignments that give a structure to more deeply experience the principles and apply them to the current issues their church or business faces.
  • Pastors and leaders can now earn Life Christian University credit toward their next degree. We have divided the Maximum CEO™ Seminar into six 3-credit-hour courses. By adding four LCU courses, you can now earn an LCU degree in Biblical Leadership and Growth. (See Degree Program below.)

Two Educational Options

"CEO First Model"

Over the years, about half of Dr. Radtke's CEOs have opted for the "CEO First Model" where the CEOs go through the 3-day Maximum CEO™ Seminar alone and then implement what they have learned with their team.

WATCHING THE VIDEOS: As Pastor/CEO, you enroll in and watch as many courses as you wish until you are convinced you want to implement this program. Then bring your executive team on board, enrolling them in LCU’s online program. Repeat the course(s) with your team, watching the videos together.

APPLICATIONS — WRITING, SHARING, AND LISTENING: Pastors/CEOs must find at least one other person (spouse? colleague?) for the Write, Share, and Listen application assignments after each video segment. Pastors/CEOs turn in these assignments for university credit and/or certification.

NOTE: Once they invite their team to join them, Pastors/CEOs can do the Write, Share, and Listen with their team as a group.

"Team Learns Together Model"

The other half of those taking Dr. Radtke's seminars opt for the "Team Learns Together Model," where leaders take their entire team with them to the seminar and they all begin learning the system together.

This is the one we strongly recommend!

WATCHING THE VIDEOS: Pastor/CEO and team watch the videos together.

APPLICATIONS — WRITING, SHARING, AND LISTENING: Pastors/CEOs can do the Write, Share, and Listen after each video segment with their executive team as they train their team as a group. Pastors/CEOs and team will turn in their assignments for university credit and/or certification.

Associate’s/Bachelor’s Degree Track

First 30-Credit-Hour Program

You would take:

  • All 6 Maximum CEO courses, plus:
  • TH-101: Principles of Faith
  • TH-102: Biblical Prosperity
  • TH-104: Divine Healing
  • TH-107: Christ-Like Character

Completing this 30-credit-hour program of study earns an LCU degree in Biblical Leadership & Growth as well as a Certificate for the Maximum CEO™ Program.

Graduates of the 30-Credit Hour Program:

Continue taking LCU Theology and/or Biblical Studies courses for additional degrees including Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctoral degrees. (Transfer credits from other schools are accepted.)

NOTE: For LCU students who have already taken the above LCU theology courses, their student advisor will assemble an individual plan of study optimized for their educational goals, using courses they have not yet completed. Based on their degree status at LCU, by adding additional LCU Theology courses, a student can earn a Bachelor’s in Biblical Leadership & Growth.

There is no graduate degree program at this time.


  • Tuition for the Maximum CEO™ portion of each program is $200 per course.
  • Tuition for the four additional LCU theology courses are $200 per course.

To Unlock LCU/Max CEO™

Email -OR- call Rev. Deb Smith at 813-909-9720.

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